Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Oh The Fun I've Had!

I know it's a bit late. Isn't that always the case with my blogs these day. I really need a PA who will type as I dictate. I never seem to get the time to sit down and write these even though I'm forever saying oh that would make a good blog post, or this would make a good blog post.

All that aside I guess the low level of interaction here is something that makes writing a blog a bit more onerous. We're all a bit more fast paced now and looking for instant gratification and instant responses so the likes of social media outlets are way more interactive than blogging now. I wonder if there still is a future for blogs as I see more and more Mistresses ditch them in favour of just tweeting anything they want to talk about. Having said that though, I'm a big fan of reading other Mistresses blogs so I'd be sad to see them go. On that note I'll try to do a round up of what was fun for me in 2017, and I might even mention what was not fun!

So my to do list (renamed the want to do list) had quite a number of ticks on it. I certainly got lots and lots more bondage with a fair number of them being extended sessions. I even had one favourite bondage bunny come visit me again from New Zealand which thrills me no end. All sorts of bondage was indulged in and my craving for new ways to bind and lock someone was satiated somewhat throughout the year. Thank you to all who participated, but it aint over yet, onwards and upwards with this challenge.

Another fun thing I indulged in was various forms of chastity. Mental and all sort of delicious devices were used to tease, torment, and control my chaps, while I was highly amused. I'm also rolling this into 2018 and seeing how much further the time in chastity my chaps can go while enduring some of the most challenging physical devices. I'm always on the lookout for new kit so please let me know or bring along any that you think will entertain me.

Watersports was also indulged in quite a bit. I have a special rubber piss slut who has been indulged in my experiments in the clinic as well as some of my dungeon bunnies who have had the delight of being soaked by me introduced to them as a new level of submission. I love introducing new and deeper levels of submission to my chaps while marking my territory. This one will be kept flowing too.

The plaster casting sadly never happened but I'm still up for it and no doubt my good friend Mr Grimly will help me out when I get the perfect time and patient to indulge this wish list item.

Female subs. Oh now this one is a personal favourite. As you can all imagine women coming to see Pro Dommes are rarer than rocking horse poop. So when I do get the chance to have a helpless femsub at my mercy I jump at the chance…..as long as we are compatible to session that is. So as well as the few femsubs who come to see me on a regular basis, I had the great delight to play with Mrs Grimly this year at their fabulously well equipped playroom (as you can see from the pics) This has got to be one of the coolest playrooms I've been in and the session certainly was pretty intense for both of us.

I also had the chance to work with and collaborate with Mog (https://twitter.com/MogTheConfessor), who I connected with via twitter. I initially had an idea to do some femsub bondage and a shoot. This we did with a lot of fun and laughter. What we hadn't anticipated was just how much chemistry there would be with us. It was absolutely amazing. So with this in mind I'm organising a return visit for Mog to come to Edinburgh for some medical clip filming. I'm also hoping that we have time to set up a few sessions where I get to Dominate both Mog and a male sub. Mog is also very happy to switch too. If any of you chaps are up for being in that mind blowing environment then do get in touch. This is one of my personal top to do's this year so it would be lovely if a few of my chaps would like to share this with me. Of course even if you've never sessioned with me before then I'd be happy to consider this but preference will be given to my regular chaps who are known to me. These sessions will be limited so don't delay.

Lastly my filming brought me a lot of fun in 2017. I got a lot of enjoyment out of just letting the camera roll and doing POV clips. These are not difficult to set up and as I'm the only one in the clips they are easy and fun to do after or before a session. I've also been doing a fair amount of custom clips where people can request a certain theme around medical play and as long as I'm comfortable doing it then I find it fun to be creative in this way. So again if you're interested in a custom clip then do get in touch. I've got a few more filming days organised with other people, Mog as I've spoken about as well as ones with a few of my rubber and medfet chaps to give a bit of variety of content to my clipstore. I'm still working my way through editing some of the Double Domme clips I did from 2016 onwards. This is why I never have time to write a blog!!!!!

Right I seem to have rambled on and never managed to get to the not so fun stuff….does that mean there wasn't any? You'll never know.

Lady Annisa

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  1. Always delighted to read a new blog post from you Lady Annisa. It would be a shame if you stopped... Twitter is no substitute for long-form musings. Great too that your "want to do" list had so many ticks on it... but always good to have goals. Your 2018 ones sound very intriguing! Hope you have a great year...