Saturday, 29 October 2016

What's the Attraction - Nebuliser Therapy

On the face of it, it seems simple. And of course it is. It’s just a mask, an atomiser pushing atmospheric air into your airways and with it adding some particles to the air that you wish to add. In the medical field that is usually a drug to open the airways. In my practice this is not really required but that would be a benign reason not to use it in some context. Therefore, I will use poppers with it so that the poppers get to blast right to where I want them very quickly. Of course inhaling them directly does the exact same, but being administered by a particular nurse, her having control of your medication and for her to give and take as much as she likes with you gives it another element before you even consider the audio and visual element of tubing and the air compressor. Just a nice little added touch to your treatment. Especially if it’s a treatment that the nurse is needing to give her full attention elsewhere. It means that you’re still getting your fix and hit, she has decided how much but is able to take her eye off that particular ball whilst she has her eye on a set of other balls.

With the purring of the air compressor and having the noise of the fluid being vaporised your hearing my be slightly impaired. This adds a little element of disorientation, not being able to fully hear what the nurse is saying, feeling a little bit helpless and vulnerable and of course if you're lying down, not being able to see what she's doing to your nether regions whilst you're getting a rush and hit from the poppers can be intoxicating. I just suggest you lie back and enjoy!

In contrast to anaesthetic role play, the equipment here is less sinister, less threatening, less frightening and generally lends itself more to a very clean white clinical environment. So for those just dipping their toe (or nose) into breath control this can be something less intimidating than the heavy black rubber tubing/masks and machines usually associated with heavy breath play. 

Lady Annisa

What's the Attraction

Quite often I get asked by visitors to my premises about the attraction of other fetishes, ones they perhaps don't understand or hadn't thought of.

This happens a lot around medical fetish. A number of people who come to see me don't understand it, just don't get what exactly could be enjoyed in that environment. That is until I enlighten them, and enlighten them I do!

I've decided therefore to do a series of enlightening posts (ok, probably more just a tiny bit of insight but I can aspire surely!). These posts will be entitled What's the Attraction followed by the particular activity or element of what it is I do and what others enjoy. 

This won't be exclusively all about medical but it will lean heavily towards it basically due to the fact that you can find hundreds of articles online examining the attractions of spanking or bondage. I will do dungeon ones but the series will lean more heavily towards medical. This is the area that has more mystery around it so I'd like to give more of an insight into my world within my clinic to help educate and perhaps even tempt some of my dungeon go-ers to look at medical fetish in another light. One that shows more of the similarities between dungeon activities and medical than differences. Basically an insight that shows the mindset that people have walking into a dungeon environment is just the same mindset used in medical and much of what we do in the dungeon is easily transferred to a clinic setting to gain the same end results. Hopefully a happy Mistress/Top and contented submissive/bottom. 

With this in mind, the next post will be posted hot on the heels of this one. I've done a few already but I'm certainly open to suggestions. So if any of my readers want to know what's the attraction of any particular activity or fetish then chime in, I'm happy to answer. 

Lady Annisa

Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Return

Here I am stuck at an airport having had a storm get in the way of my travel plans back home and I've decided to update you all about my return.

Firstly though, those who follow my tweets will be aware that I popped into Mr S Leathers in San Francisco while on my road trip to get my fix of all things bondagey. I'm sure I don't need to remind you all of how much I love bondage and the smell and touch of leather restraints. Nobody quite has a showroom like Mr S Leathers. Due to weight restraint though (restraint of a bad kind) I had to curtail my urge to purchase a whole load of new bondage gear. What I did come back with though is a fabulous set of bondage straps as seen in this link here.

They might not look very sexy in and of themselves, though I think they do. They give me so many opportunities to tie all you bondage bunnies off to various pieces in the dungeon and cell as well as being restraints simple but effective enough to be used on their own. I'm looking forward to using them as soon as I get back.

Which brings me onto my return. I get back to the Uk soon (I hope) and will be commencing sessions again from Wednesday onwards. I've got one slot available for this week due to a cancellation so email if you've been hoping to be fitted in as I know how much you've all missed me!

I've now added some pics from Mr S Leathers site but I think you could still enjoy another opportunity to appreciate all these suspension slings. 

Lady Annisa

Monday, 19 September 2016

Road Trip

So I'm just about to head off on my month long trip, some of which will be a road trip in the states.

I'm heading back to San Francisco firstly, a place I fell in love with when I visited 5 years ago. I'm looking forward to visiting a few kink places again and one or two new ones. No doubt I will head back home with some fabulous new bondage gear from Mr S Leathers. I might actually end up spending a whole day in this place. 

I have actually written some blogs to keep you all entertained or bored while I'm away. Having said that I don't know whether I'll actually get online to post them. We shall see. Given how I feel about getting away from it all and recharging my batteries then I might never make it online to do anything. 

In the meantime you can enjoy a little bit of a rogues gallery. As you can see they are not always the best quality due to the lighting and the spur of the moment nature of how they are taken, but still you get the idea of how much we are both enjoying ourselves. And just because I'm a raging narcissist there is a cleavage shot of me in there, but also because I knew one or two of you quite like to see my cleavage too...:)

For those interested I will be back in the UK on or around the 16th October with sessions resuming around the 19th. I think I've only got one or two slots available that week already so do get in touch soon to arrange an appointment before I'm on the road...:)

This one is not going to make the coffee lying there!

This one looks almost comatose!

Darth does Dungeon!
A sort of intensive care, but without the care!

Best footstool ever!

A pair of my dungeon, and they're not mine!

Another intensive care bed is taken up with a layabout!
He was having a bad hair day, I was just helping him out aesthetically!
And last but not least, a purple butt of a different kind!

Monday, 18 July 2016

10 Years and Counting Part 1

So 2016 marks the 10 year anniversary of my becoming a Professional Dominatrix. It's been fun, funny, crazy, hard going, fulfilling and bizarre at times. I've decided to dedicate a few blog posts to what I've learned in those ten years and other stuff. Hope you enjoy!

What I've learned in 10 years of Pro Domming.

1. People are people. Obvious huh?

Yes I know, but from an outsiders perspective we are all sick. Even from more enlightened individuals it seems that there is an opinion and judgement made about people who are into fetish/kink/dominance etc and also about people who pay to indulge.

From my experience there are good and bad in all walks of life and from all orientations. I see lots of very lovely individuals, who on the face of it society would call normal people. However, there is no such thing as normal, but we do end up talking about normal things, life, where we are going on holiday and the ponderings of the universe.

In the past 10 years some of my visitors have become good friends. I've gone to fetish clubs with some, gone on holiday with some, had one or two stay over at my home and met up with others in a foreign city to share a beer. I've gone to dinner with quite a number and just generally enjoyed time spent together putting the world to right. 

I'm fascinated by people in general but more specifically those into BDSM. I'm fascinated by their stories and what led them into kink and also what led them to my door. 

Everyone has a story, everyone is unique and everyone has needs. When those need are getting met in a healthy way, everyone benefits. So even when it comes to non kink needs, when people have the courage and the opportunity to seek what they need, the ripple effects can be felt in many areas be that work, family, relationships, mindset or even physical health. So have a long hard think about what you consider your needs in life, and go bloody grab them by the balls....ok maybe not, but gently explore!

2. Trust is key.

Your instincts, your gut, your body will tell you before your mind can process things. That feeling in your stomach will be the tell tale sign. Is is excitement and butterflies, or is it anxiety and dread? It takes time to tune into what's going on there, but when we do it's a mine of information. I always speak to people on the phone before making an appointment. It's not so much about what they are saying, it's how they say it, the tone, the inflection, the attitude. When I listen in to all of that I usually get a feeling about whether I should offer them an appointment or not. I've been wrong on only a few occasions but never badly. Only wrong as in we didn't quite gel. I've never had an unsafe encounter thankfully.  I didn't always listen to my gut instinct in the early days but it was all a learning curve. Now I'm shit hot at listening to my gut. I won't ever ignore it or let someone persuade me otherwise. The lesson I've learned is that the gut is always right, choose to ignore it at your peril.

3. Boundaries.

Strong boundaries make for happier interactions all round. Knowing my line in the sand, communicating that and adhering to that line is one of the best lessons I've learned and has transferred well into every other aspect of my life. In the early days this can be difficult until you know where your line is. There are no rights and no wrongs with what you do, what you're happy to accommodate and how flexible you want to be, just as long as people know they will mostly respect it. Of course there will be people who want to try to push your boundaries and chance things but they usually just need to be told no and that's enough to satisfy them that when you say no you mean no.

I know of situations within say family scenarios where people won't ask something of me because they know I can't be swayed or easily manipulated but will do so with another family member. It's sad to see but at the same time it's gratifying to know that I've communicated my feelings on things so well it's known I won't be moved.

4. Everyone needs time out.

Always required. Helps prevent burnout and boredom. I see people come into Pro Domming and hit the ground running. Loving every minute of it and going to every fetish event, seeing every submissive who applies and burning the candle at both ends. Six months later they are nowhere to be seen. When I first came out into the fetish scene I went to lots of clubs, parties and munches. These were wonderful but heady days. I loved kink and decided after a few years to start offering sessions. I couldn't understand why lots of people gave up within the first year. I loved it so much I couldn't understand someone walking away from it and doing so for good. However, what I had failed to realise is that I had a very full life out with. I had then, and even more so now, a list as long as your arm of hobbies that I regularly indulged in. If I'm not outdoors hiking, I'm baking or painting or cycling or running. I regularly sign up for classes to learn something new or perfect something that I enjoy. It makes for a more rounded individual and a clearer mindset.

I know when I've been knee deep in kink for days, perhaps sessioning, filming, being involved and around kink friends I start to get a bit of cabin fever. It becomes a bit surreal and I have to escape to the real world. This is not to say I don't love it, I certainly do, but it's all about balance. When I indulge in other activities I come back to my premises all refreshed and full of new ideas about what I want to do or I've had flashes of creativity about new things to try.

The same goes for holiday time. I regularly make sure I have a decent break, usually 3 or 4 weeks in one go as well as other one week and mini breaks throughout the year. It clears my head completely. It feels like I've just done a brain dump to clear the memory space for new ideas and enthusiasm.

If your head is so full of your work non stop, the creative/fun/childlike part of you never gets let out. That can lead to lots of issues not just mental but physical too. So get out from behind your desk and go do something fun and enjoyable. You'll be way more productive when you get back, I promise.

5. Knowing my worth.

This is a biggie. I had a previous career before this one and let me tell you I was bloody good at what I did. I had managed to get to quite a senior level and in the latter years was head hunted a few times because of the skill set I had. These skills have more than easily transferred over to my Pro-Domming life and made for an easy transition.

However, in the early days you're not quite sure if what you have to offer will be in demand and sometimes this takes a bit of time to get a feel for. Lets face it, this industry is very much weighted towards a visual element and not everyone is going to appreciate your look/size/hair colour. So as in life, you need to develop an appreciation for who you are as a person, what you've got to offer the world and how to be comfortable with selling that. We all know that looks fade and as a society we are all fed the B/S about how we are supposed to look and how much we are worth in relation to that. Having your self worth rooted in your value as a person and your uniqueness is the foundation for being able to reject the notion that your value is less because you don't have the right look, the right size figure, the right colour skin or hair or whatever other B/S anyone tries to tell you.

I've learned to appreciate my years of experience,  my people skills, my enthusiasm, my passion, my knowledge and my judgement to such an extent that I will never let someone haggle my tribute down or feel I need to offer any special deals or discounts. I know what I'm worth but if someone else doesn't know that then I don't have a great problem with it. There will always be someone else who knows and appreciates my worth. 

This lesson again has transferred into my personal life. Because I know my worth in monetary terms, I also know my worth and value in terms of time too. I won't spend time now on negative people. I won't be in the company of anyone who is less than genuine. I don't want to surround myself with people who think the world owes them a living. These people are energy vampires. My time is spent with people who bring value and worth into my life. Again, I know my worth.

Lady Annisa

Monday, 27 June 2016

Q and A Monday again!

It's been quite a while since I posted the one of these. The last one can be read here...go read! 

* Edited to add that this post is not written by me, it's written by someone who visits me* 

I hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I did.

1. Do you recall when you first had a fetish/submissive/masochistic thought or idea?

I would sometimes play a game of "prisoners" with a girl who lived in my street. I was about seven or eight. My most vivid memory is of a time she had "captured" me and it was decided I would be "imprisoned" under her bed. I remember wriggling feet-first into the narrow gap, lying face upwards with the underside of the mattress a few inches away, hemmed in by boxes on each side and enjoying the feeling of being "trapped" in an enclosed space, helpless and under someone else's control. I also remember thinking that the punishment would be worse - and also more enjoyable, though I didn't understand how those two things should be connected - if I had no clothes on. I can't remember whether I was bold enough to suggest that - if I did it was ignored or rejected - but I do clearly remember thinking it. So my very first  sexual memory was of confinement, lack of control, and submission. 

2. How did you feel about it at the time?

The experience felt good, although I was aware it was naughty and that it wouldn't have been appropriate to be naked. It certainly gave me feelings that I hadn't had before, although I wasn't sure why they were pleasurable. It was never repeated or mentioned again that I can remember.

3. Did you ever feel it or you were wrong or abnormal?

Later on, a lot of my thoughts and fantasies centred on capture and imprisonment, and often restraint - sometimes I was the captor, sometimes the captive. But I didn't feel abnormal, and I wasn't really troubled by guilt. Curiosity was the strongest impulse, and it led me to some enjoyable teenage experiments. I was happy to accept that all this just reflected the way I was, and as it was all contained in my own imagination anyway, I felt it was harmless. 

4. How long did it take and what was the process for you to accept your interests?

By the time I was in my mid teens, I had found some Forum magazines. Some of the letters pages and articles contained fantasies that chimed with mine, and in a few cases fuelled them. I stored the magazines away and revisited them often. I was much more interested in the written word, in other people's experiences and fantasies, than I was in the idea of the more traditional photo magazines, and that's still the case for me. I remember one story in the letters page which I liked a lot - it was about a dominant couple, he male and she bisexual, who took a submissive couple, male and female, both straight, on holiday to a villa for a week. The submissive couple were naked at all times, and the dominant couple devised daily torments for them. Sometimes I would identify with the submissive in the story, sometimes the dominant, sometimes I would read the story as if a voyeur, but I also enjoyed the sense of creativity that it suggested could be a part of sex. I collected a few issues of Forum, and I learned from these letters pages what turned me on and what didn't, though I realise now I was lucky not to be conflicted about it - to me, it was just my particular taste, like a taste in clothes or food. 

5. When did you first dabble in fetish/submission/masochism with someone else?

I was around 20, with a girlfriend. I think the lack of previous guilt made it easier to suggest that we might try a little bondage - it seemed to me that if I had these feelings, she might also. Sometimes she would tie me to the bed at my request, and she was happy to occasionally indulge that, though I knew that she didn't enjoy the dominance as much as I did the surrender. There was no role-play, but we were sometimes able to play in a way that satisfied my submissive side. I very much looked forward to the times she would let me kneel between her legs while she read or wrote, licking and kissing her, feeling my sole purpose was to pleasure her and take no pleasure myself.

6. What would you say has been the best and worst thing about being a fetishist/submissive/masochist?

For me the intensity of the experiences that I have had, when with someone compatible, have been the most positive outcomes of my kinks. Other people choose to access their moments of intensity in other ways - alcohol, drugs, risk-taking - but I know this is my key. Each of the most satisfying and pleasurable moments has created a memory to treasure. The down side is that the frustration of knowing that these moments must be rare; I cannot have a lifestyle that permits frequent fulfilment, but I'm hardly alone in that.

Lady Annisa

Friday, 17 June 2016

Talking MedFet on NiteFlirt

I've been taking calls on NiteFlirt and from the reaction of some of my visitors to my premises it appears that everyone is rather interested in the whole thing. So let me give you a little bit of insight into why I've gone down this road.

Firstly as you probably know I've been visited quite a bit over the years by The Hunteress who is sadly (for all of us) retiring soon. We have had lots of conversations around the different areas to involve our Pro- Domming and the digital world. Until around 5 years ago all I ever did was physical sessions. Then she came one time to help me film some promo clips for my site. I enjoyed it so much I decided to do filming on a regular basis and she gave me lots of advice on how to go about that. At the time, and still now, I was never interested in running a members site due to the work involved. I knew first hand from her and other Pro-Domme friends that it was not just as easy as filming and throwing those films on a website and watching the money roll in. To be honest it looked like way more hard work than I was prepared to put in. So I decided clips4sale was the way to go. I film, edit and upload and they generate traffic and process the sales and income. It's about as much work as I want to put into something I'm not getting a lot of feedback on. And therein lies the answer to why I have decided to do MedFet calls. You see I love my sessions, I love getting reactions and I love connecting to people. With the clips over the years I've enjoyed making them and working with other people on the filming but have had no input or feedback mostly from those who buy the clips. 

Back to The Hunteress.  Over the years she has mentioned to me about doing NiteFlirt calls and for some reason I was reluctant. To be fair I think I had some misguided view that it was going to be like a full on 30 second type wank chat type of call and I'd feel rather flat afterwards. I've no idea why I had this view but that in itself had changed over her visits as I was privy to be in the vicinity as she took some calls. To be fair every one of her callers knew she has someone else in the room and on occasion I joined in the call when it was appropriate, say for small penis humiliation...the guy actually got 2 for the price of one, result! 

So I decided recently to dip my toe in the water and see what the temperature felt like. I've been experimenting with the different times of the day I've popped on. Sometimes between sessions, sometimes late at night when I'm relaxing and sometimes whilst I'm doing my admin and the call can break up the monotony. I have actually been rather pleasantly surprised. Firstly I got mail and calls from people whose words were along the lines of  'I've been so happy to see you here as I love all your clips' and 'I can now finally talk to you after all these years of following you' I've been quite blown away by this. I never expected to have 'fans' for want of a better word, get in touch and connect with me. It seems they've been wanting to do this all along. I've had genuine lengthy conversations with people about all sorts of things regarding MedFet from all the types of gas masks I have, all the ones he has to all the vast and encompassing ways to involve bondage in a medical setting, as well as roleplay type calls where Nurse takes charge. It's been fascinating and I'm totally loving it!

I suspect as time goes on my availability will decrease as I get more used to the best times to connect with my patients for their treatments as well as the best times for me to have general MedFet chats. As I've been sat here writing this I've taken a call from a poor patient who needs therapy for his chronic masturbation. It appears there are plenty of patients needing tending to at the clinic!

If you find you're just too far away to get an appointment at the clinic then feel free to give me a call and we can arrange a telephone consultation to decide on the best treatment or therapy. Here is the link to talk all things MedFet with me

Lady Annisa