Thursday, 7 September 2017

Big Birthday Month

So September brings around my Birthday. This year is a big birthday, a big big birthday. Are you getting the picture of how big this birthday is? Good!

I don't have a wish list published (though I do have one) and a few people have been asking me what would I like. So for the first year ever and because it's a big birthday I'm going to advise that people can contribute to something that I really want to buy myself.

I have my eye on a pair of very exclusive red leather thigh boots. They cost way more than your average pair of boots and for years I've thought about buying them but end up spending the money on some bit of kit or another. However, now, after 11 years of doing this, the bit of kit that I want is for me, but hey I'm sure you guys will enjoy them too.

So if you'd like to contribute to my birthday gift then get in touch, there are many ways to send cash. For those lucky enough to be visiting me in the next few weeks before my birthday you can get the pleasure of donating in person and to see my happy face. Now who wouldn't want that?

In the meantime, I'll leave you with an image or two of another pair of my red thigh high boots to make you drool in anticipation.

Lady Annisa

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Gender Reassignment Clinic

Let me introduce you to Latex Lynda. She is a sort of slut. A sort of latex slut, a sort of watersports slut and a sort of bizarre medical slut.

In the following pictures you can see her treatments throughout the last year or so to get her to the point she is at the moment. We are not yet finished but she is making good progress. 

Since she has been coming to the clinic I have been slowly introducing ways and means to eradicate the male hormones from her system and introduce female hormones to her system. Lets face it, male hormone leads to male ego and there is no place in my clinic for male ego!

The treatments are challenging but she is coping well with them and we are seeing good results in our clinical trials.

The treatments have included 

1. Electric shock therapy to the male genitalia to shrink the area.
2. Elaborate introduction of  suction therapy to increase breast tissue.
3. Nipple enlargement and milking.
4. Medically induced female hormone by oral fluid intake.
5. Forcibly and mechanically removing all traces of male hormone and seed.
6. Hypnogas and feminisation gas to get her in the right headspace to accept her new gender role and identity. 

After her recent 3 hour appointment in the clinic she certainly left the premises a transformed person. 

I'm looking forward to taking her treatments even further next time.

Lady Annisa

Monday, 10 July 2017

Auction Time Again

In previous years I've auctioned off a 2 hour session for my charity to add to the fundraising I'm already doing. This has proved very popular in the past as my chaps always like to support me while indulging in their kinks and perversions. And I in turn like to donate my time to the pain and punishment of my visitors. It's a win win situation for sure!

So I'm going to start the bidding at £100 for a 2 hour immersion in either my dungeon or my clinic, or even a bit of both.

A few rules from me though to take into consideration before bidding.

1. The bids must not be for sessions already booked.

2. I must have sessioned with you at least once before, ensuring our interests match.

3. The bids should be received by me by midnight on the 20 July

4. The session can be a general session, a medical session or a mixture of both.

5. You will have 3 months from the end of the auction to arrange a mutually suitable date for the session.

As before, all proceeds from the auction will go fully to my charity challenge. If you want to know more details I'll happily chat about it until the cows come home in person…. :) 

Happy Bidding!

Lady Annisa

Monday, 1 May 2017

Ramping up the Challenges

So it's May, how did that happen?

With just over 5 months to go to my challenge I'm stepping up my training this month to add in some gym work. If you know me at all you'll know I really don;t like the gym that much. The biggest reason is that I prefer to get my fitness fix outdoors and being in a testosterone filled environment is not what I'd call fun. However needs must as I want to add in some upper body muscle work and my hiking, running and cycling aint going to do that, so off to the gym I must go.

As well as increasing the physical side of the challenge, I'm upping the focus on fund raising this month. With that in mind I'm going to add in some incentive (perhaps it won't be??) to increase the donations to the charity box. I've done this particular one before and it proved quite successful so I'm offering it again. The idea is that for those wishing to pop a donation in the box during the month of May I will add on an extra half hour to your normal booked appointment. Now no getting funny ideas of popping £1 in the box and getting an extra half hour of my time for that….not that any of you lovely chaps would try that I'm sure.

If you want to add this to your normal appointment time during May then let me know so that I can factor that in to my schedule. 

And lastly for a bit of kink. Since I'm going to be working on my breathing for the altitude change, here's a nice kinky pic of me control someone else's breathing to help with the feeling of altitude sickness!

Lady Annisa

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

So For My Next Challenge

You'll be disappointed if you've come to this blog post hoping for some kinky goings on. I would say sorry to disappoint but I'm not that kinda gal!

Anyway, moving on. Those of you who come to see me will no doubt be aware of my next challenge but I'll put it out there for those not up to speed. As you may have noticed on twitter there have been a lot of scenery pictures, especially from mountain or hilltops. This is because I'm back in training for doing extreme hiking. It's been 5 years since I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and that my friends is too long to leave between extreme challenges.  I have still been raising fund for Marie Curie with various other endeavours so the total raised is almost £10k. I'm a little bit short of it at the moment. So I'm self funding this trip and hoping to hit my target by the time I head off in October to hike in the Himalayas. 

This is where my loyal visitors, subs, patients and slaves can help out. I will be doing my usual things like auctioning off a session or two, extending sessions for a donation into the charity box and a few other inventive things I'm not letting on to at this moment. You can of course just pop a donation into the charity box at my chambers when you next visit, which of course will be much appreciated. 

One last thing to bare in mind, if I don't reach my target there will be lots of punishment doled out on my return.

Now here is a little selfie of Stern Nurse when she is just about to punish someone! 

Lady Annisa

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

New Medical Website

Well in case you've missed my twitter feed let me update you on my goings on. I've finally finished the updates or revamp to my medical site here, go look!

I've still got one or two things to add to the site. One is a whole new latex order that's almost in my sweaty palms. I'm waiting patiently today for the delivery which I hope is in time for a big all day session tomorrow that I might just make all about Latex. Or I might just make him wait, I'm sadistic like that!

Anyway, back to the site. There have been a few glitches as always with a new site but I think they've been resolved now. If you do see anything obvious please let me know.

With the launch of the new site and the added investments I've made (and still making) there has been a slight increase in the tribute. Details are on both websites. I'm sure as always you will agree….I'm worth it!

As an added side note, I've got one day availability on 6th April in Manchester. Should you wish to be considered for a session then get in touch via my website.

Keep kinky!

Lady Annisa

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

To Do Lists

Anyone who knows me will testify I live my life by my to do list. Not one single thing is organised in my life without a to do list. Even my blogs have a journal to write down all the ideas I have on blog posts 'to do' in the future.

However I'm beginning to see how sometimes to do lists become something of a burden so in recent months I've decided to rename them to re-frame them. They are now my 'Want To Do' list. This makes the things on the list less of a burden and more of an enjoyment. Mental trickery aside, I have wanted to do a session 'Want To Do' list that I think will bring me (and hopefully those involved) a lot of fun this year.

So here are the things that I will definitely have on my session 'Want to do list'

1. More bondage.

Is that a surprise? No, I guess not. I do enjoy my bondage and more so in the last year when I've done a lot of extended 4 hour sessions. However, this year I want to do at least one 6 hour session. I would like to spend basically the whole day having someone in bondage in various positions, changing the position as the mood takes me. I love the idea of having someone in extreme and challenging bondage at various points, but interlacing that will more mundane activities to amuse me. Something like having them in the cell or the cage locked in such a way that I could be on the other side playing a board game with them. Zapping their tender regions for every move they make on the board. I've got a few other cunning ideas but don't want to spoil the surprise too much.

2. Chastity.

This is something I've used more in session in the last year but I'd like to extend it beyond. I know this is not always practical for a lot of gentlemen but I find the idea of controlling someones orgasm and to an extent their arousal very appealing. I love the thought of texting them messages to increase the tease and torment whilst denying release. I realise this is not something new in the world of BDSM but it is new for me to want to extend control outwith the session.

3. More watersports and piss play.

This one I've done a lot of but my kinky mind is being drawn to more elaborate ways to use it with an added element. I've tended to get up close when administering watersports but I've been having lots of thoughts of making it very clinical and sci-fi like. I'm thinking a cross between mad scientist with chemistry beakers and the mechanics of a ventilator machine...forcing piss into the subject at regular intervals under the watchful eye of the sick nurse!

4. Medical bondage in the form of plaster casting.

This is something I've done years ago while wearing a different hat.  I'm now in the mood for doing it again but not in the usual way of course. I like the idea of casting one limb to another or casting the legs together fully all the way up to the thigh. That's certainly going to cause movement restriction. This is something that can't be done on a whim or even in an hour session so I'm going to have to plan it in advance but it will be worth it. A long medical session with catheterisation, breath control included will make this even more fun.

5. Cp. Again not anything new but I'm feeling the need to go further than before with Cp and especially caning this year. I just don't have enough people who can take a good hard beating, or who can have those kind of marks on them for obvious reasons. This makes me sad. Go on, make me happy and volunteer you butt for the sake of my mental health and a good workout!

So lastly here is a picture of me looking very stern and just a little cross. Exactly how I'll be in 2017 if I don't get what I want!

Keep kinky!

Lady Annisa